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Hospital Radio Volunteer

Set up in November 1978 Hospital Radio Barnet (HRB) broadcasts its programs 7 days a week (Afternoons, Evenings & Weekends) to the patients of Barnet Hospital.

HRB is open to membership from anyone over the age of 18 who is willing to show a commitment and can turn up on a regular basis that fits in with HRB’s scheduled broadcasting hours.

Members of HRB are required to visit the wards to meet their listeners The Patients. During your ward visiting you would be the PR for the station making people aware that the radio is a dedicated station for them and ask if they would like to become involved by requesting their favourite songs. Applicants need to be understanding, approachable and have a caring attitude.

You don't have to have any specialist skills but if you do and you feel that they would benefit HRB please let us know.

For full details about joining Hospital Radio Barnet, please download the application form. If you think you can help, fill it in and send it to us.

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